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Cybersecurity Audits

With the increasing usage and dependance on electronic devices and IoT, the borders between Information Security and Cybersecurity are diminishing rapidly these days.

We understand the subtle differences of Information security and Cybersecurity.
Our security audits identify network and system weaknesses, so organizations are better equipped to avoid the cost and damage that result from a security incident.

An information security or cybersecurity audit assesses data security practices within an organization and addresses gaps that could result in information systems being compromised.

PVQ and its partners have extensive experience in conducting technical assessments and providing services related
to enhancing an organization’s security program, including:

  • Assessing Physical Security of Data Centres and
  • Logical Security of Databases
  • Ensuring Adequate Protection of Data at Rest and in Transit
  • Development of a Security Incident Plan
  • Training on Event Monitoring and Identification of Suspicious Audit Logs
  • Forensic Analysis and Reporting
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Maturity Assessments
The Cybersecurity audit is identical to the Information security audit except that the cybersecurity audit is limited to the Cyber domain.

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