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Operations & Technology Consulting

Our expert insurance Operations Technology consulting group advises you through the planning, deployment and ongoing usage of new technology solutions and the operational changes that accompany them. During decades of serving all aspects of business for insurance organizations of all sizes, we understand how the moving pieces of the insurance industry fit together. We offer advice and consulting services that eliminate the guesswork and help you make smart, well informed and fact based decisions.

    We help you figure out how to get what you’re looking for. By reviewing your priorities and gaining an in depth understanding of your business goals, we create an actionable plan to move you forward, supported by a compelling business case and logical solution architecture.
    You need to see the big picture of how well considered organizational changes can positively impact your business. We conduct a comprehensive review of your internal operations and the external relationships that support them, and compare it against industry benchmarks for efficiency, effectiveness and agility.
    To gain an understanding of your current operations, we first conduct intensive discovery using surveys, staff interviews and data mining. We then use state of the art modelling techniques and simulations to assess the impact of proposed changes, identify the most appropriate solution alternatives and create implementation plans that enable a smooth transition to a better way of working.
    We support you throughout your new technology initiatives by providing project oversight, redesigning impacted workflows and documenting insurance product requirements to accelerate delivery and dramatically reduce project risks.

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